Description: By using a DC generator with battery bank connected to a renewable source of energy (such as wind, solar power plant or fuel cell) for Off-grid BTS, the highest OPEX savings are possible. This can be achieved mainly due to higher efficiency of the DC system and a variable speed DC generating set, which is used for charging of the batteries. A DC hybrid cycling solution also means the DC generator is running less frequently, resulting in longer maintenance periods, fewer refueling cycles and longer intervals between oil changes. As the output of the DC (direct current) generator is set to 48 V, no additional battery charger or the AC/DC convertor is necessary in comparison with AC solution. Using of PMG generator can bring another energy savings to the final calculation. InteliDrive DC controller makes complete monitoring, control and protection of such a Hybrid system. By controlling RPMs of the variable speed engine, the controller enables charging of the batteries in the most efficient way (less power requirement = lower RPM = lower consumption). Additional savings result from integrating ComAp WebSupervisor, which enables powerful remote monitoring and control of the system. Scope of supply: 1× InteliDrive Lite DC 1× IL-NT AIO 1× IL-NT GPRS